Attributes of winning HR innovations

August 2, 2015 Sascha Grosskopf


Innovation has long been recognised as a source of competitive advantage. Although HR is considered one of the most valuable asset in today’s firms, how HR innovation enables firms to deliver superior performance remains an area of ambiguity. According to Andrew Woolf, Accenture Australia’s Talent and Organisation Lead, key areas of focus should be “on analytics and making HR function more scientific, embrace technology, think ahead of curve in terms of talent pools, try to develop and use the way in which people operate outside of their working environment and try and bring that into your workplace if you do that you in a position for success.”

Those HR technologies succeeding seem to have the following attributes:

  • Building user interfaces that deliver a consumer-like experience and include mobile and social capabilities
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) - helping HR professionals manage their candidate pool. This is an essential part of the hiring processing is a key function of human resources that has been largely affected by technology
  • Talent management technologies, like automated feedback and transparent goal-setting, help bring out the best in employees. But that tech should add to the performance review process -- not take its place
  • Modern enrolment technology simplifies the enrolment process for all parties involved by enabling employees to easily select and manage their benefits online
  • Automating time-consuming administrative aspects of the onboarding process, such as new hire paperwork, means HR professionals can spend more time with new hires

HR functions that recognise these market trends and react fast will have an unparalleled opportunity to help organisations and employees become leaders in the new world of work. HR should start embracing technology that creates this transparency and fosters an open culture where employees can easily recognise and communicate the great things that happen every day in organisations.

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