Bots for the better: why you should automate your recruitment strategy

January 17, 2018 Peter Gold



Everyday we hear more and more about how robots are taking our jobs, but in the UK the problem is more often that no one can fill those jobs in the first place. Far from taking our jobs, robots are creating new ones, granting us new opportunities and allowing us to develop the way we work. Rather than mistrusting new technology, we need to use it – particularly in the field of recruitment.


Handing over responsibility  


Recruitment involves a lot of (necessary) administration. In fact, a massive 80% of the recruitment process is low value and simply transactional and it is no one’s favourite part of the job. It is hard to see the direct business impact or its contribution to company success, but it needs to be done. Rules must be followed.


So, why not automate it? Hand it over to the robots. These less complicated tasks could easily be completed by robot assistants. Automating the low value tasks (that people don’t even really want to do) enables recruiters to focus and donate their time to more strategic tasks, moving from just standard recruitment to talent acquisition and crucial succession planning for the future.


Creating a candidate experience


With such a competitive market for talent, candidates can have their pick of employers – and they know it. You cannot afford to be losing out on great employees because they are put off by a poor hiring process, potentially having bigger repercussions for your employer brand as a whole. You may think that robots could be seen as cold and impersonal, but they could in fact help create a great candidate experience.


Taking advantage of the recruitment software


Much more informative than an old-school CV, chatbots can hold a quick interview with applicants using voice and video interaction. Based on criteria outlined beforehand and the consequent answers given by the candidate, the chatbot can then invite the applicant to the next level for a full interview or let them know if they have been unsuccessful. Not all of us may like taking to machines but how many times have candidates just never heard anything back from an employer at all after applying for a job? It certainly can spawn some serious resentment. Using chatbots, recruiters can be assured that they have five great candidates to interview and that the other applicants have been politely dealt with. Moreover, it gives a great impression to potential employees that the company is completely up to speed with new technology and is a future-looking business.


Re-designing processes


So, you may now be fully convinced that automation and robots could be the way forward for streamlining and perfecting your hiring programme, but before you get carried away, you need to make sure that you have the right processes and procedures in place. After all, you can’t automate a bad process.


Traditionally, a budget is agreed for recruitment and then the candidate search starts. This is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, you need to start with the ‘why’ not the ‘how much’. You need to understand what the business impact would be of not making that hire. Knowing the consequences and importance of a hire puts you in a much stronger position when asking for that critical budget – shifting where the power lies. Strike the balance between strategic and transactional, breaking down the journey step by step and focusing on the candidate experience throughout. Once you know where you are headed and have that clear in your mind, you can then best recognise where and how to use your robot helpers and how to maximise your own resources.


The majority of companies are now going through digital transformation, but, for some reason, recruitment is still lagging behind. In this highly competitive, candidate-led market, recruitment is the last area that businesses can afford to overlook or let slip. Recruitment needs an overhaul to deal with the workforce of the future and robots be could just be the helping hand needed to do it.


About the Author

Peter Gold

Peter Gold is a Talent Acquisition technology thought leader, blogger and speaker working with Cornerstone and our clients to help them utilise Cornerstone technology to attract, hire, retain and develop the best people. As a Principal Consultant for Cornerstone, Peter believes that companies can't build a great business without hiring great people and once in the organisation, great talent expect great technology that helps them achieve both personal and business success.

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