Celebra-Ten! May marks a decade in business for Cornerstone EMEA

May 8, 2017 Susan Hilliar

Celebra-Ten! May marks a decade in business for Cornerstone EMEA

All this nostalgia made us think we ought to take a little trip down memory lane and take note of all the awesome innovation which helped define us as a business…

2007: The release of the first iPhone. It may be hard to believe but ten years ago the now infamous iPhone was launched. Breaking the mould (almost quite literally), it initiated a complete change in phone design and user experience – setting the new standard for all other models and creating new possibilities for how we work.

2008: Introduction of 4G. Hoping to put an end to dodgy internet mobile connections and frustratingly slow download times, 4G promised faster internet access and a much higher data capacity. Cloud computing and video conferencing could now all be done through your phone –a big step to a more mobile workforce.

2009: Adoption of the Cloud. Here at Cornerstone we have always been a little ahead of the times, our software was cloud-based right from the beginning, but in 2009 the Cloud was opened to the masses. High-capacity networks, low-cost computers and storage devices all became widely available and everyone was keen to also get on board.

2010: The year of Big Data. Worth more than $100 billion and the industry growing by almost ten percent every year, Big Data was Big News. Not least for talent management, causing huge disruption in HR. Big data presented new opportunities for recruitment, performance management and even succession planning with the use of predictive analytics. Even in 2017, we believe Big Data still hasn’t reached its full potential. Watch this space!

2011: Elementary my dear Watson. 2011 was the big breakthrough for AI when IBM Watson famously competed on the American quiz show Jeopardy and won! It was the start of the AI integration into the mainstream and more importantly revolutionising how we live and work. Now AI is becoming an integral part of the recruitment process and changing employee development, creating true personalised learning experiences.

2012: The launch of TED-Ed. In March 2012 TED-Ed was born, creating short video lessons aimed at educators. We all learn differently but all training materials should be engaging. TED Talks have provided a great new way for employees to learn and to diversify the type of content and training methods on offer to ensure you cater to all your employees’ different needs.

2013: The rise of wearables. Employees’ wellbeing is a key concern for many employers. What if you could actually monitor employee stress levels and sleep patterns? Wearables made it possible – providing employers with the data and insights to help create a happier and healthier workforce, not to mention helping to improve employee performance and productivity.

2014: Facebook acquired Oculus and VR was brought to the masses. We all know the phrases ‘learn by doing’ or ‘practice makes perfect’ but sometimes you just don’t have the opportunity. With VR, you can create those opportunities, simulating situations and experiences, creating practical assessments and tests. Want to talk face to face with a colleague or client hundreds of miles away? Virtual conferences are the way forward. But there is still a long way to go before VR really becomes the norm.

2015: Glassdoor reigned supreme. In 2015, Glassdoor hit 30 million users from 190 countries, signalling the importance of employer brand. Company culture and values needed to be aligned both internally and externally – companies can no longer get away with delivering false promises to draw in recruits but have to paint a truthful picture of company culture. Your best advertisers and promoters are now your employees and colleagues.

2016: Pokemon Go! Last year, you were probably hard pressed to not catch Pokemon Go fever. Many of us were glued to our phones, though at least it meant we did take that lunch break away from our desks and venture outside. It all goes to show the power of a little fun – and not for kids – but grown-ups. Fun and games can even be incorporated into the workplace and gamification can help engage your employees, make them happier and as a result more productive.

2017: Wireless Smartphone charging. With so much progress in technology, great phone battery life still seems to be lagging behind in the development stakes. But at least this is a good move forward, enabling employees to really work anywhere and everywhere – cranking up flexible working to another new level. We’re expectantly waiting to see how far this new tech could go.

So, what will the next ten years bring? Flying cars or jobs on the moon? Whatever it may be, we’re all super excited and ready to go. Here’s to the next decade!


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