Client Success Manager: What is that?

October 29, 2018 Lovisa Taylor

Cornerstone's Client Success Managers day out

When I used to tell people that I worked as a Church Musician I used to get the same confused faces as I do today when I tell people I am a Client Success Manager. Outside of our business, there is probably no one who understands what a Client Success Manager is or does. To be honest, even in our business there are diverse opinions on what the role means.

Just like a Church Musician prepares the year’s musical program, conducts choirs and orchestras, plays the organ and the piano, arranges and writes music, sings and teaches students – the Client Success Manager role is just as varied.

Cornerstone is a company with an identity and a culture that is unique. On my first day, I was shocked to see that our region was informed about my arrival and that people I had never met were messaging me wishing me luck and a warm welcome. What a way to start off your employment!

The list just goes on - the onboarding, the regular employee development days (as a Learning and Development person, it really pleases me that we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk) and the way my team made me feel like I belonged to the group even though we all work remotely.

When working primarily remotely, it’s extremely important to have the right kind of team spirit. If anyone needs any help, we always support. If anyone has any questions, we make time to answer them. If we have goals that need reaching, we all pitch in to make it happen. I know it sounds too good to be true, but hiring the right kind of people that will embrace this type of attitude is the way you accomplish it.

Cornerstone uses a great metaphor for everything we do, talking about “getting fit”. Getting fit means making sure that you are relevant, agile (prepared for whatever may come) and being focused on your goal. For me personally, the core of my role is “getting fit” for my clients. Customer success is not simple. It’s something you must work at; planning, practicing, performing, trying different forms to accomplish your end result. It’s very similar being a musician. And there is nothing as satisfying as when you’ve got it right!

The Cornerstone product is like Lego. A package of Lego blocks that each client purchases and builds in a different way. It makes the job diverse, because no setup is the same. Combining the client’s package of Lego together with the current talent business goals (do they want to build a Star Wars rebellion ship or are they actually more interested in Hogwarts for now?) is basically what the Client Success Manager’s job is all about. The Client Success Manager is one of the few roles that will let you talk about HR strategy, governance and adoption and at the same time allowing to get all nitty gritty into system functionality and problem solving.

I have been a Client Success Manager with Cornerstone for a year. It has been a year of change, learning, adaptation and self-development. One of the best parts of my job is travelling in the Nordics to see my clients. This is what makes all the hard work and preparation worthwhile. Every client meeting, user group and client event is a possibility to connect with our clients, their challenges, their success stories and their questions.

Staying in the music analogy, performing music as a musician is what Convergence is for a Client Success Manager. Convergence is our annual client conference in which we have inspirational key notes from Thought Leaders, educational breakout sessions, networking events and where we share our latest product enhancements. It’s like hitting a high note!

As a musician, I need to end this story with an outro. A favourite quote from Simon Sinek: “Falling back in love with our work is about shifting our mind-set from using our jobs to serve ourselves, to using our jobs to serve others”.

I look forward to seeing you at Convergence!

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Lovisa Taylor

Previously coming from a diverse background, with a most recent focus on Learning and Development, Lovisa helps clients navigate through the trends and strategies of Human Capital Management and how to utilise their product in the best way.

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