Efficient and effective: introducing our suite of people analytics products

May 25, 2016 Geoffroy De Lestrange


At Cornerstone OnDemand, we enable organisations to collaboratively train, manage and recruit their people – allowing companies to make smarter, data-driven talent decisions and maximise business objectives through their people.


We’re constantly building on and improving our products, and we’ve recently expanded our portfolio, launching a suite of people analytics products. These products apply data science and the most refined machine learning system for talent management to help organisations harness the power of real-time people data and remove any guess-work.


Here’s what’s new with the additions to our Cornerstone analytics suite:


  • Cornerstone View: Visually explore your company’s talent data with this platform. Cornerstone View provides the fastest and simplest way for organisations to gain more meaningful insight into their employees and solve complex workforce issues.


Cornerstone View helps organisations quickly understand their talent. With interactive visualisation tools, leadership can easily draw conclusions from their data to make the right talent decisions by comparing different metrics.


Interactive data visualisation tools allow managers to easily search, filter and compare people by centralising information from across the Cornerstone unified talent management suite.


  • Cornerstone Planning: Cornerstone Planning makes workforce planning easy. It gives users a place to create, manage and execute accurate headcount plans through a simple and intuitive design. By aligning finance’s budget with HR’s staffing plan, you can generate accurate forecasts, visualise cost impacts and identify future talent gaps. The products help companies effectively prepare and plan to make sure that they have the right talent to overcome challenges and achieve business goals.


Cornerstone Planning gives organisations access to a purpose-built tool designed to enable intuitive, interactive, and visual workforce planning. This platform allows multiple data sources to come together so that organisational planners are armed with the information they need to make the best planning decisions.


  • Cornerstone Insights: Cornerstone has added two new dashboards to Cornerstone Insights, its predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions that equip business leaders with the intelligence to better recruit, train, manage and develop their people.


The dashboards enable organisations to optimise talent processes, simulate scenarios to view the impact of these actions and make prescriptive recommendations to address specific business challenges.


Cornerstone Insights applies sophisticated predictive analytics to workforce data to enable business leaders to answer burning questions about how to use data to better hire, manage, retain and reward employees. Insights allows clients to easily visualise their data and take immediate action on recommendations to achieve measurable improvements in business results. The addition of the Learning Optimisation Insight dashboard identifies factors and simulates actions that drive course registrations and completions. The new Career Mobility Insight dashboard helps managers gain a better understanding of both traditional and non-traditional career path movement, and the factors that contribute to optimal career mobility.


  • Cornerstone Reporting: The analytics suite also features Cornerstone Reporting. A set of self-service reporting tools and visually rich dashboards that provide complete control and visibility of your data for all types of reporting using the suite of self-serve reporting tools.


This helps businesses expand on data-driven talent decisions and maximise business objectives through their people, removing the reliance on guesswork and intuition. Cornerstone reports are generated in real-time and provide customised reports that allow companies to make better workforce decisions.


We’re leading the people analytics field with our refined machine learning technology and massive data set, and bringing powerful data science models to the HR world. These additions give our clients access to four distinct analytics applications that will help them to make smarter, more strategic and more informed talent decisions.


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Geoffroy De Lestrange

Product Marketing & Communication Director EMEA at Cornerstone OnDemand

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