How I got the best from my sales team!

May 3, 2016 David Lexner


If you are managing a team of sales people, you want them to be on the field, talking to prospects and convincing clients on how your solutions can best solve their problems. On the other hand, you also need them to be constantly informed and aware of any piece of information that will help them close the deal, such as:


  • Easy to reach information about the competition
  • The latest product update for accurate material and adequate answers to prospect questions
  • General knowledge about their working environment to facilitate understanding with the client and the partners


I’m in charge of a team of a dozen of Business Development Associates at Cornerstone OnDemand. When I talk to them about such issues, they claim they don’t have time to reach for information, login to new systems, or scroll the web to dig for the most accurate data against market rivals. Therefore, if I can’t bring them to the content I know will help them be more efficient, I need to find a strategy to bring this knowledge to them at the right moment and in the most accessible way.


There is a tool that every sales person out there is using, and that is Market leader in CRM, the company has been a partner of Cornerstone for a long time, and Cornerstone itself is among the oldest customers of! For me and my team, this is our preferred tool as we get instant access to prospect information, easy management of tasks, simple creation of opportunities and very efficient reports and dashboards. Most appealing for a traveling sales professional, the Salesforce1 mobile app is very intuitive and gives access to all data within the platform.


I don’t want my team to spend time moving from one piece of software to another. I need everything to be accessible from a single point. That’s why I want to leverage the power of to develop my sales team talent and push interesting content when they need it. This is the reason why we’re now heavily using our own Cornerstone for Salesforce (CFS) solution. CFS is great because it is directly accessible in Salesforce, and as it is natively built, I can get all information even on my mobile. Given that itself is using CFS both internally and externally, I know the tool is robust and easy to use for anyone that works on the Sales Cloud on a daily basis.


My preferred feature though is the trigger function: anytime we move an opportunity to the “competing” level and we enter the name of the competitor, CFS will prompt content that will help us put more arguments to promote our solution against this specific rival. I love it! That’s really powerful!


Being the manager of the team, I also particularly appreciate the access to Salesforce reports and dashboards: I can see who in my team has been trained on our latest modules and who hasn’t, and see how this correlates to their sales success. Now I know training has a real business impact! 


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