How to turn negative experiences into positive ones!

April 30, 2020 Emilio Cuellas

Every day brings a new challenge during these unprecedented times, and these obstacles can be disruptive and make it difficult for us to progress. When something unexpected happens that negatively affects us, our attitude changes and we automatically consider the whole day to be a bad day. That’s why it is so important to know how to reverse that thinking, so that the situations or events that negatively affect us do not extend beyond that particular point.

Learning how to turn the negative into the positive doesn't happen overnight, it's a daily exercise that we need to put into practice. By performing certain exercises or getting into a routine, the body gets used to promoting and multiplying positive reactions, which enables us to build up a natural buffer against stress.

Trying to maintain a positive, daily attitude will help us better address the challenges we face. Here are some guidelines to encourage this change in mentality:

  • Put your thoughts into perspective. Not all of our thoughts are the absolute truth. Our thoughts condition our actions, this means we sometimes attach excessive importance to problems and do not differentiate between what is really urgent and what is not. We usually call every circumstance that requires a solution a problem, but it doesn't have to be that way. Make a list of priorities and think about how much this situation affects you so that you don't waste unnecessary energy thinking about things that aren’t important.


  • Turn your day around. Starting the day with a positive attitude helps us better manage complications or unexpected situations that may arise. Try to create a mantra and repeat it in your head as many times as necessary. The goal is to become more optimistic with fewer complaints and less pessimism about the day. Our minds are more powerful than we think, and they can help us change the way we see and experience things.


  • Think positively in the face of negativity. We often try to do lots of things at once and, in an attempt to do so, we end up complaining about not having enough time. It is important to be aware that we cannot control everything going on around us ‒ and that constant complaining will not be the best solution. If we constantly feed negativity, we will see things from a negative perspective. Therefore, to overcome adversity, it is important that we have positive answers. For example, when faced with layoffs, we need to remember that we can now look for a new job where we can continue to grow and learn.


  • Practice mindfulness. Meditation is great for the mind and body. It can help reach a state of attention that is focused on a thought or feeling. This state is being restored in the present moment and aims to free the mind from harmful thoughts.


With this advice, we can prioritise our concerns and address them more effectively and quickly so that they don’t affect our daily lives. In addition, we can brighten up our self-image, increase our self-esteem and improve our self-confidence. The goal is to learn to see life more easily and not to complicate it with our negative thoughts.


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Emilio Cuellas

Emilio has more than 20 years experience helping companies improve their HR processes through digital transformation. At Cornerstone he supports our happy clients throughout their journey.

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