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May 12, 2016 Colette Wade


When it comes to promoting and selling products and services, you need all the support you can get beyond your own sales team. One way or another, your partners, resellers, distributors and sometimes even customers are indirectly part of your sales strategy. They can perform the selling themselves or at least influence or recommend your solutions.


This means that you need to ensure all those stakeholders get the same level of information on your products and services as your own sales team. This is obvious for some of those partners, especially resellers or distributors that sell directly themselves. But are the elements you provide sufficient for them to be efficient? Couldn’t you make your sales team perform better with additional support and training?


After all, developing their skills goes way beyond simple product information. There are many elements you must take into account:


  • Direct product or service training, obviously, but also product messaging: what are the issues that you want to solve for the customer?
  • Service and change management: apart from simple feature description, how can you help the client get the most of the solution and be satisfied?
  • Long-term relationships: even after the end of the project, can you be sure the client will not be left by themselves? You need to verify they remains successful and that your product or service continues bearing its fruits in the long run. When the day comes for their upgrade, you’ll need to ensure the client contacts your partner or yourself, not the competition!


If you are using a CRM to manage your partners, resellers, distributors and clients, you’re most likely using, the market leader and provider of the very best solution for sales and partner enablement. In Salesforce, you surely track all the sales you made, but also the turnover achieved via your network. It would only make sense to use the same tool to push ad hoc information, but also to push more ambitious training programmes to certify your partners’ knowledge of your products and services.


You need a proper tool to manage such learning and development activities directly in Salesforce. This well help leverage the power of analytics to check which partner is certified and compliant, but also to correlate with the sales figures of your distribution network. This is why you should consider using Cornerstone for Salesforce. This solution is directly developed in technology and available in


With Cornerstone for Salesforce, your customers and partners can access product and service information, launch video tutorials, and complete training all from within a Salesforce Community. As they work their way through training, you can track their progress through their contact record and account record.  Powerful Salesforce surveys, reports and dashboards allow you to correlate training data with sales results. With a fully configurable and branded experience that is backed 24/7 by Cornerstone’s customer support team, Cornerstone for Salesforce is the best way to maximise your Salesforce investment.


If you're attending Salesforce World Tour London then you're in luck as Cornerstone is a proud sponsor at the event and you can pre-book a demo to see Cornerstone for Salesforce in action! You can easily book a demo on this page.


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Colette Wade

Colette Wade is Cornerstone OnDemand's Vice President of Marketing, having joined the company in 2011. She is responsible for overseeing all of Cornerstone's European Marketing operations.

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