Lift your head up and see the bigger picture (How Fidessa achieved success with the help of Cornerstone’s Client Success Framework)

April 13, 2017 Nick Halder

Fidessa provide 85% of the world’s premier financial institutions with trading and investment infrastructure, market data and analysis as well as decision making and workflow technology. They operate at the cutting edge of the fastest moving global world of all; the financial markets. This is why Fidessa, after continuous growth and a move into the derivatives market, set out to create a truly global organisation. Nick Halder, Global Head of Learning & Development explains:

Traditionally our teams have had a very local focus, but as a global business we had to look at recruitment, talent management, performance management and compliance from a totally global perspective. Someone working in our Hong Kong office could be the perfect choice for an upcoming position in New York, but if we didn’t have a linked up process how would we ever know? Working with global banks we needed to honour global contracts, handle information securely and ensure all staff have the correct health and safety training, so looking at compliance from a global perspective was of essence.

Our UK team was going to be the centrepoint for driving this global change supporting 16-17 offices throughout the business and dealing with different culture, languages, processes along the way.

Anyone trying to massively change “the way we’ve always done things” appreciate the challenge. It may be easy to define a vision and a goal, but it’s much harder to turn this into objectives and plans. Through Cornerstone’s Client Success Framework, we sat down with our Client Success Managers to discuss. The Client Success Managers all have HR and development background so they truly know what we’re going through. It was great to get an outsider’s view and recommendations based on their expertise and knowledge. In the initial blueprint discussion we were forced to verbalise what we wanted to achieve in the long-term but also break it down into manageable chunks.

Throughout the process we’ve continued to discuss progress with the Client Success Managers. It’s so easy to get bogged down in everyday tasks and these meetings really forces us to lift our heads up and see the bigger picture.

One year in and a lot has changed. We have rolled out a streamlined global process for recruitment as well as a global performance management process and we now have a  rigorous process to manage compliance worldwide. We also have a global library and process for learning.

Our key recommendations for seeing a big globalisation project through over time is:

Prioritise. Better prioritise three initiatives and focus on seeing those through, rather than trying to do too much and fail.

Measure. Decide straight away how you’re going to measure success. This can be very tricky. We chose to use an employee engagement survey. It raised expectations, but as a result HRD now have a seat on the board.

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