Major Milestone, Movember and Martinis – How European Cornerstars marked the company’s 19th anniversary

November 20, 2018 Alexandra Anders

Cornerstone staff support Movember

Back in 1999 when the Euro was created and the Matrix was released, something else started…. Cornerstone! Founded 19 years ago in Adam Miller’s one-bedroom apartment, today, Cornerstone has a global presence in 192 countries, with 38 million users and a client base of more than 3,400.

Now, that’s worth celebrating!

To mark Cornerstone’s anniversary, we took part in a number of team activities and fundraising initiatives. Celebrations kicked off with the global workforce uniting to hear Adam sum up the year and thank the team’s dedication and commitment to empowering people to realise their potential. Adam also expressed a big thank you to you – our clients and partners – for your part in the success of Cornerstone.

After Adam’s speech, the teams continued the fun in each local market.  

In London, the team got together to feast on delicious Indian dishes (in a nod to Diwali). Feeling well-fed, it was time for some (friendly) competitions. The London team hosted both a beer pong tournament, a pub quiz and a ‘Motini’ (coffee martini) contest to raise money for Movember.

Across the channel, in Paris, the Movember theme continued with the team rocking it by being sponsored for things like best Rock ‘n Roll costume, or most ear-shattering duet in order to support such a worthy cause. Cornerstone’s Got Talent at its best!

Meanwhile, in Spain, the team hit the gym – the jungle gym that is! Who knew we had such acrobats on the team – there were some seriously impressive flips into the foam pit. Un, dos, tres…jump!

In the DACH and Nordic regions the teams donned their fake moustaches and celebrated with sparkling drinks and chocolates, because what celebrations don’t involve something sparkly and chocolatey?!

In Israel the colleagues went all out with a spa day, filled with swimming, massages, and chilling on the shores of the Dead Sea.

I joined the Cornerstars this summer, and these celebrations were a wonderful demonstration on how a team comes together and is empowered by an inspirational leader to achieve great things. It’s still November (and therefore Movember) so as the beards and tashes grow, so does the fundraising tally. We’ll announce the total in December on our social media channels so keep an eye out!

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