Onboarding new workers through mentoring

October 8, 2018 Marc Altimiras


The influx of people arriving into the labour market is a continuous and diverse process. Although recruiters might be busier in some months than others when it comes to finding new hires, there will always be someone who’s just about to begin their new role in the world of work.


Starting a new job is never easy. The first few days are often spent meeting all your new colleagues, getting used to the new routine and generally adapting to a new environment. It can be a daunting process, which is why more and more companies are looking at other, less intimidating ways to help their new workers settle in.


And that’s where mentoring comes in. Mentoring schemes involve an experienced and recognised employee in the company, whose role is to build a one-to-one relationship with the new employee, guiding them through the initial months of their new job in both a professional and personal sense.


Mentoring sits between the likes of coaching and managing. Unlike coaching, which is more motivational and reflective, or managing, which is more professional, mentoring aims to influence the personal aspects of the profession as well as the professional. For instance, promoting friendships among workers or showing where the best lunch spots are as well as helping to manage work load all fall under the responsibilities of a mentor. 


The mentor must act as a model, a source of inspiration and counsellor to help make the transfer of experience and knowledge as smooth as possible. If a new worker has a smooth transition into the workplace, it will make it easier for them to realise their potential and build their career.


Mentoring is a technique that more and more companies embrace for the multiple benefits it offers, both for new employees and the mentors. Having a mentor contributes to employee motivation and encourages an open and transparent company culture, positively impacting both the employees and the business.


About the Author

Marc Altimiras

Marc Altimiras is Regional Vice President South Europe at Cornerstone OnDemand, leading the sales operations for Spain and Italy.  Mark has over 20 years' experience in enterprise solutions sales and business strategy. He has a passion for people, technology and innovation, and truly believes that the key to a company’s success is the people that build it.

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