One Housing achieves one hundred percent completion with Cornerstone

November 22, 2017 Susan Hilliar


One Housing is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping people to live better by making a real positive difference to their lives. It provides housing, care, training and support services, which is all made possible through funding gained from buying and selling properties on the open market and other commercial projects.


Its employees and their individual success are paramount in continuing to provide a high level of support and care. To ensure employees are successful, One Housing invests in its people’s development, helping them grow and acquire new skills.


The organisation’s appraisal process involves many different aspects including a performance review, objective setting and personal development plan creation, which made achieving high completion and adoption rates time consuming and admin heavy for HR, managers and employees. So, One Housing needed a solution.


Praising change through appraisals


In 2016, One Housing’s board set the objective of attaining a 100% completion rate for the “2016 End of Year Appraisal” task, meaning it had to transform the way managers and staff were supported. For this, it had to make the best use of the internal support available and grant access to the right resources and task completion data, but due to a huge constraint on time, this had to all be achieved without any face-to-face training.


This showed that the organisation needed a system that could provide resources to cover and respond to all employees’ every point of need, and a system that could provide managers with an overview of team completion rates and allow them to continually check their team’s progress.


While One Housing had already been using Cornerstone for their performance reviews for a few years, they’d not combined it with Cornerstone’s Learning Suite before, and chose this as an easy solution to address all the training needs for the successful completion of the end of year appraisal, digitally offering all the learning materials and resources required.


Quite a task, with quite a result


One Housing’s objective was an ambitious one, but after combining Cornerstone’s Learning Suite with its performance review process, it saw an incredible result, achieving its full 100% completion rate for the “2016 end of year appraisal” task. The company was also able to digitise and improve appraisal process training through the Cornerstone Learning portal. Doing so has empowered employees to take charge of their career development through clear goals, and defining career paths and development plans; create a culture of continuous learning; and increase productivity through reduced admin time.


One Housing knew that it couldn’t achieve this result with face-to-face training – there simply wasn’t time. Cornerstone offered the organisation the opportunity to provide resources and training digitally, meaning One Housing could help its employees with every part of the appraisal process – when and where they needed it most. It also gave managers a means to monitor and track their team’s progress. Best of all, the new system has empowered employees to be able to better support and collaborate with one another, working together to achieve this common goal.


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