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June 14, 2017 Javad Juma

Summer is fast approaching but before our Cornerstars jet off around world we sit down with some that are celebrating their work anniversaries this month. As always, we asked them to reflect on their time at Cornerstone and share some of their best memories.

Each month our Cornerstars emphasise the fact that it’s the people that make Cornerstone. Liav Shimon, Global Product Support, says “It’s the people. The people that work with me, my colleagues.  I feel comfortable to laugh, have fun and enjoy my time at the office with them, while working hard at the same time, which I cannot say for other places I have worked in the past.” Patrick Green, Engagement Manager, agreed and said “I work with the most talented and positive people in our sector. The culture is excellent! Cornerstone constantly innovates to be an industry leader people need to develop and learn. Overall, there is genuine warmth and respect from everyone to each other within Cornerstone. If you need help there will be someone somewhere, whatever the time. Oh and if you need to party, don’t look anywhere else!”

Aaron Spencer, Sales Effectiveness Programme Manager, said “We get to work with the BEST people every day and when we say to new hires ‘Welcome to the Family’ we really mean it. Cornerstars are always on hand to help each other succeed and the feeling of belonging is contagious between us & our clients!” And when asked why he liked working at Cornerstone, Chris Kelly, Solution Consultant, simply said “the people and the parties.”

The culture at Cornerstone encourages innovation and hard work while also recognising the importance of having fun. Dennis Devine, Regional Sales Manager, said “Culturally, it’s a great place to be. You work hard, do some good and have fun while being well rewarded. All the while you part of an exciting growing and passionate organisation.”

Jeremy Mompertuy, an Account Manager at Cornerstone said “work hard and play hard is not just a tagline, it describes how cool the company is.” When asked about his favourite moment at Cornerstone, Jeremy replied “The EMEA 10-year anniversary. It was incredible.  A great event where we had fun with our colleagues and our teams.” Liav agreed with Jeremy and said “I think my favorite moment was the 10-year anniversary in Athens. Besides of course meeting a lot of colleagues for the first time, what really made it the favourite moment was the way Cornerstone cares about its employees, organising this event for us was just extraordinary.”  

Overall, it’s the people that help make Cornerstone a great place to work. Whether our teams are working hard on a project or celebrating at an event, our Cornerstars come together to support and guide one another. Jeremy Mompertuy said “We all have responsibilities, daily activities and busy agendas but we achieve our goals because we always work as a team with our dependable colleagues.”

About the Author

Javad Juma

Javad Juma is the Talent Acquisition Manager for EMEA and APJ and joined Cornerstone in 2012. He has been involved in recruiting for over 15 years (yes, he is quite old, despite his boyish good looks and charm!) and has spent time within Financial Services and telecoms sectors.

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