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June 25, 2019 Franco Gementi

In a job market that is constantly changing, attracting the best talent can be a major challenge for companies, particularly when it comes to hiring the next generation of employees. Generations Y and Z (people born post-1995) are high in demand in today’s current job market. Their free-spirit attitude and digitally savvy minds are qualities that appeal to recruiters, yet most companies are not prepared to welcome them into the workforce or understand how this generation will impact their company.

Seeking both autonomy and flexibility right from the beginning of their career, Gen Y and Z are different to the previous generations, possessing an appetite for entrepreneurship and a real desire to create meaning in the workplace and leave their mark on society.

Here are three things to keep in mind when hiring Gen Y and Z to better understand their motivations and prepare for when they enter the workforce.

1. Responsibility and recognition

18-25-year-olds have a clear understanding of their goals and will take full responsibility for their actions. This means that to achieve their goals, they are willing to work hard and will stay focused on their mission. With this in mind, companies need to be aware of how they see Gen Z and Y’s contributing to the business and be able to show that their efforts and achievements will be recognised and rewarded.

2. Flexibility

The days of being locked in an office from 9 to 5 are long gone. Millennials and Gen Y and Z want more freedom in the workplace, whether that’s having the choice of flexible hours or being able to work from home. According to a recent study from Deloitte, 50% of Millennials and 44% of Gen Z regard flexibility on hours and locations as very important when it comes to choosing an employer.

Actively promoting flexible initiatives in recruitment campaigns such as making working hours clear on job advertisements or stating that remote working is an option are both great ways to initially grab their attention.

3. International presence

The labour market is now a global workforce and Gen Y and Z know it! They are not afraid of the unknown and are prepared to move around, if necessary, to better flourish in the working world. Training such as learning a second language or offering working options from different offices across the world allows these new generations to evolve and grow in the global workforce.

So, what kind of job are these generations looking for?

In the digital age, it is clear that some industries are in pole position to attract the next generation. Social networks, application development, cloud computing, data science and professions related to sustainable development, are just a few examples of the types of jobs that appeal to younger generations. 

These new professions also promote intergenerational exchanges, opening up new perspectives for GenX and Y and giving them the opportunity to plan out their career in whatever direction they want to. 

Unlike their elders, millennials are mainly guided by their motivations and will not wait until later in their career to change jobs or start their own business.. Even if this new way of working worries some business leaders, they must take advantage of the new ideas younger generations in the workforce bring and accommodate for those changes — a fresh new perspective is always a good thing!

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Franco Gementi

Franco has deep experience in the Human Resources field, in particular on administrative management processes (in-sourcing and outsourcing) and human resources development, with particular attention to the evaluation of the employee's potential and career development and various aspects related to rewarding policies and training and development. Along the entire evolutionary path, from home made solutions to the current cloud in Human Resources.

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