Recruit better through social media

July 24, 2017 Anders Wannberg



Do you use all channels to find talent for the future? Social media platforms can be just as good as job adverts in newspapers or on job seeking sites, particularly when you are looking for specific skills.


Whatever platform you’re using to search for new talent, it is important to ensure that the company's image, culture and values are clear, so that the right candidates are picked:


  1. Review marketing – Recruitment is about selling the company in a positive light. The HR department must therefore work closely with marketing in areas such as branding, SEO, etc.
  2. Define company values – Company  marketing is important in attracting the right candidates, but before you get started, it is important to state the company's benefits. Ensure that the same values apply internally and externally. The world is small and both good and bad stories can be spread quickly on social media!
  3. Use storytelling – Stories are great ways to highlight what type of business you are. It's exciting to see employees talk about their work and discuss company ethics and corporate culture.
  4. Encourage employees to blog – Create a micro blog where co-workers write about their work, their challenges and successes. Microblogging can also work well to help new employees learn more about their brand-new workplace.
  5. Use your employees’ own digital networks – Your employees' presence on social media is a great resource for the company. Inspire them to share job ads and find potential candidates in their networks.
  6. Follow an ethical code – Social media can be used positively, but can also be abused. For example, it is possible to ""spy"" on potential candidates' activities in social media. There is also the risk that potential applicants feel spammed if they receive requests from numerous people in the same organisation at the same time. You can avoid this by creating guidelines and ensuring that employees know what is acceptable.
  7. Be mobile-friendly – Make it easy for potential candidates to go to the company's website and view the ""work with us"" pages from social media via mobile or tablet.
  8. Use social media for onboarding – Once you have recruited the right person for the job, they will need to be onboarded. During this process, it can be smart to use social media or other custom social tools to easily view and share information and give the newly-employed person an opportunity to talk about the company and their work with new colleagues.
  9. Listen to feedback and criticism via social media – If you chose to be present on social media, you must also be there wholeheartedly. It shines through if you are not present. You should answer questions and listen to criticism. You may think that’s a job just for the marketing team but everyone active on social media should get involved as well.


Use social media to improve your company's image – Even  better than listening to and responding to criticism on social media is using the information to implement real changes that strengthen the company and its image. There are services that monitor what is said on social media, so that you are constantly aware of what others are saying about your company.


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