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August 7, 2017 Geoffroy De Lestrange


Attracting talent today is a challenge these days, especially as candidates carefully analyse the culture of the employer through sites like Glassdoor. To ensure you can continue to hire top talent, marketing and HR departments must join forces.


Consider candidates as new clients


Recruitment is no longer the transactional process of previous years – it  is now an "experience". Recruiters will increasingly have to act as marketing and sales specialists, who will drive the candidate's experience. This starts from the first contact: what impression does the recruiter give to the candidate? What follow-up is in place? To what extent is this contact personalised? The best talent want to work for the best employers and your responsibility is to "sell" your business. The employer brand being one of the main components of the company's brand policy.


Teach marketing how to showcase brand culture and personality


Corporate culture is closely linked to brand values ​​(although unfortunately there is still a difference between the image the company wants to convey and reality). Understanding these values ​​and ensuring that they are reflected in external communication is essential.


Remember that candidates use sites like Glassdoor to discover the appreciation of current or past employees of a company, and check if the company's values ​​are real. This is why brand communications must be authentic and based on real values – and of course align with internal communication.


Mobilise your employees on social networks


Companies should also approach other colleagues to help recruiters increase their sources of applications, for example by using their social networks. This helps to broaden networks and increase diversity in the company. Employees can also use social networks to submit or recommend potential candidates.


HR is gradually abandoning traditional process automation tools to implement candidate relationship management solutions that allow recruiters to follow an application in the same way as a sales lead. Their mindset must evolve: recruiters and HR managers must go beyond what they consider to be their usual responsibilities and be inspired by other departments such as marketing and sales to develop new skills. 


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