Recruitment Hacking, Part 7: Automating interview and meeting notes to save more time

July 14, 2015 Peter Gold


This blog post is number 7 in the Recruitment Hacking series. You can see all of them under the Recruitment Hacking category and to get the entire series and more download the Cornerstone Recruitment Hacking Handbook

Recruiters probably have more meetings than anyone else having candidates, line managers and sometimes agencies to meet with as part of the hiring process. And all those meetings require notes, and notes mean actions. Keeping track of who's doing what is a job in itself but writing those notes up in the first place is a chore that gets left until later. But as a Recruitment Hacker you'll be looking to exploit technology to make this easier. 

Evernote and Zapier

I’ve tried various ways of taking notes in meetings to make reports, actions, system updates etc. easier. Using a tablet, using a tablet with stylus, using a laptop. They do work but I find a good old fashioned paper notebook less intrusive than a laptop stuck between two people having a conversation/interview. However, the principle of what I do works the same for paper or keyboard and here are two tools I use: 

  • Evernote is a tool that allows you to create notes from short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes. You can use it to create and share notes with people from any device quickly and easily.
  • Zapier lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks such as notes.

Using Evernote and Zapier gives me some great hacking results by getting the information to the relevant people ASAP:

  • Notes/actions done within 2-4 hours.
  • Save myself at least an hour per meeting in follow-up notes.
  • Save myself 3-4 days of procrastination of ignoring my admin.
  • Do less of the stuff I hate to do!

To find out the full details on using Evernote and Zapier download the Recruitment Hacking eBook.

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Peter Gold is a Talent Acquisition technology thought leader, blogger and speaker working with Cornerstone and our clients to help them utilise Cornerstone technology to attract, hire, retain and develop the best people. As a Principal Consultant for Cornerstone, Peter believes that companies can't build a great business without hiring great people and once in the organisation, great talent expect great technology that helps them achieve both personal and business success.

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