Shout about your training to attract top talent

March 26, 2018 Anders Wannberg


recent survey by totaljobs found that 67% of UK workers are planning to quit their job in 2018, indicating a lack of enjoyment and motivation in current roles among the working population. With the stakes so high, organisations cannot afford to underestimate and ignore this dissatisfaction – particularly when recruiting. During the recruitment process, almost every employer talks about how great their company culture is and how they have a whole host of benefits for you enjoy outside of office hours. But what about other benefits like training and skills development? Since e-learning has become more popular, the benefit of training has taken a back seat in the recruitment process, yet it is a smart way to attract and retain talent.


If 67% of UK workers are planning to change jobs in 2018, organisations must ensure that they are offering a host of benefits including training and skills development.  


Skills development is important


Training and skills development is about clarifying career goals and providing learning processes that motivate your workforce and enhance their career progression. If an employer offers this correctly and sufficiently, they will stand a better chance of recruiting and retaining top talent.   


But what if you don’t have a training scheme that is worth shouting about?


It’s important to impress prospective employees and ensure that you’re offering them the best career benefits but talking about basic training courses that every company offers will not inspire them.


Instead of re-structuring your HR processes and implementing an entire training scheme – a time-consuming process, why not implement some simple, more collaborative innovations in your organisation that will intrigue potential applicants.


Improve your learning management system


  • Microlearning: This is one of the biggest trends in learning at the moment and adopts a Netflix-like interface so that employees can train at any time, wherever they want. Users can also pick and choose which modules they want, based on their interest or career development goals.  Cornerstone Connect can also allow your employees to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Gamification: Learning through playing – a more fun way to motivate employees and perhaps the most engaging too! Gamification techniques – such as learning streaks and achievement badges – can be used in many different ways and help track employees’ progress.
  • Virtual assistants: These are good for quick training, providing pre-set programmed responses for the most common questions that arise in your organisation.     


And don’t just talk about the training technology you have in your learning management system, use real life examples from your workforce – case studies always bring your selling story to life.


With the ever-increasing talent hunt and a growing group of unmotivated employees, it can be important to shout about the skills training you offer. Next time someone is looking for a job or an employee is thinking of leaving, it may be the deciding factor that gets them to stay.


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