Talent Management Lessons from the NFL Playbook

October 21, 2016 Susan Hilliar


It’s now NFL season, and we have all gone a little American Football mad since we announced last month that Cornerstone OnDemand is now the Official Talent Management Partner of the Los Angeles Rams. 


What’s more exciting is that the Rams will be making a trip to UK soil to battle it out with the New York Giants in Twickenham on the 23rd October.


As part of our relationship with the Rams, we will be supporting the organisation’s efforts to develop its front office and operations personnel, helping them to ensure that they also have the best team off the field as they do on the field, as they shape the future of their franchise in Los Angeles.


This new relationship has got us thinking that, from a talent management perspective, perhaps we could all learn a little something from the Rams and the world of NFL.


There is a good reason why American footballers are some of the biggest celebrities in the US. It is the players who make the game. The same goes for any company or organisation. If you have great people who you invest time, effort and, in the case of American football, a lot of money in, your company will be more successful.


In American football there are crucial decisions to be made on who to substitute on the field at what time, who is best suited for which position, and who can help drive that football over that last yard line, and the same principles apply to companies, making sure they have the right people to best drive innovation and success.


It is not just the players. If you have ever seen any American football movie, then you will be all too aware of the fundamental role of the coach. Just like these coaches, managers can make or break an organisation. The shouting and hard-core cardio drills are probably best left on the field, but managers can certainly take a tip or two when it comes to encouragement and inspiration, being someone that employees respect and look up to.


If you would like to see some of this in action, there are still tickets to see the Los Angeles Rams live in London on the 23rd October. 


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"Some of the best stories come from the most unlikely sources – always be curious, always ask questions” ​​​​​​​ Susan Hilliar is Head of Public Realations at Cornerstone OnDemand, as a corporate communications professional she works with Cornerstone’s clients across Europe.

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