The real value of money for your employees

August 28, 2017 Marc Altimiras


Working is an obligation and we should be remunerated for it. A fair wage is essential to count on committed, responsible, productive and, above all, happy employees.


Establishing the right or proper salary is not an easy task. It is true that it depends on multiple factors such the professional sector, responsibilities, and years of experience. But it is important to be as fair as possible and consider other measures and compensation that make it more valuable.


For example, you may like to offer flexible benefits that help employees in their transportation or food costs; Aid in the cost of their children's nurseries; Or solutions that encourage and allow working remotely or family reconciliation.


They are all elements of the so-called emotional salary, all those non-economic aspects that can contribute to and improve the quality of life for your employees. A trend that continues to grow in popularity. In fact, professionals have stopped perceiving that salary is the most important reward they can receive from their company.


This scenario makes the management of a company’s human resources a strategic aspect and, in many cases, doing well will determine the success of a company. To help HR, there are several innovative tools that can be used. 


Having a solution that allows HR to design and manage the compensation of employees is essential if HR want to not only optimise corporate budgets, but also comply with existing regulations.


These types of solutions also help HR implement and manage complete incentive and reward programmes for those professionals who meet their objectives, and in turn are recognised for those achievements.


Recognising employees' good work promotes responsibility and productivity while generating loyalty to the company, and also contributes to talent retention - a necessity in times of high competition.


The simplest management


Different salary ranges, flexible pay programmes, different incentive systems... Managing the economic part of a company is never easy, particularly for those companies with a large number of employees.


Combining this with onboarding new hires, training, career projects or retirements makes it indispensable to have tools that make this task simple, transparent and automatic.


A tool to automate these tasks (including staff remuneration) eliminates manual processes, reduces paperwork and minimises pay cycles, which saves time and administrative costs.


In short, more agile but also more effective processes that will improve things for employees, while optimising time and money.


About the Author

Marc Altimiras

Marc Altimiras is Regional Vice President South Europe at Cornerstone OnDemand, leading the sales operations for Spain and Italy.  Mark has over 20 years' experience in enterprise solutions sales and business strategy. He has a passion for people, technology and innovation, and truly believes that the key to a company’s success is the people that build it.

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