The rise of the job hopper: how to keep your employees’ focus

April 25, 2016 Colette Wade

Job hunting is no longer a laborious chore for the unemployed, it is becoming an increasingly integrated and even enjoyable part of our working week.

Or, at least, this was the trend revealed by a recent study of 11,000 users by recruitment site Jobsite. Over 60% of UK workers, already in permanent employment, are open to new job prospects. Many employees are even actively looking for new jobs every single day.

So, why are we becoming a nation of job hoppers?

Jobsite puts their findings down to improved efficiency; it is simply easier than ever to find a new role.  While this may be true, there are certainly other contributing factors that no employer can afford to ignore, namely employee disengagement. Employees are exploring other jobs as they are not focused on their current one; they may be physically present but mentally they have already left the building.

So, how can you maintain your employees’ focus and even show them that there is internal hunting ground?

Keep communication flowing

Communication is the most effective tool to find out what actively engages your employees in their job. If you do not understand your employees’ values how can you reasonably expect to retain their focus? And it is important to remember that it is different for everyone.

Moving far beyond the standard yearly appraisal, employees should have the opportunity to give and receive continuous feedback where their views are not only listened to but also acted upon. Proof of your understanding is the best way to show your employees that you care about them as an individual and do not view them as just another worker who can be easily replaced.

Use and develop their skills

This concept of individuality also applies when it comes to learning and development. Employees with particular skills and passions want to actually use and pursue them. If their job is not what they were told or expecting, they will look for this opportunity elsewhere.

Workers are also looking to build upon and develop these skills. Along with regular training sessions you should also ensure that employees can put theory into practice. This not only adds to their sense of personal development but guarantees that they are continuously challenged. Boredom is a sure fire way to encourage job hunting. As anyone ever faced with a dull task knows, you look for any excuse to do something else and nowadays that includes looking for a new job.  It is also through training that you can demonstrate the spectrum and extent of internal possibilities; a few new responsibilities can soon lead to a whole new role.

Let them input ideas

Everyone wants to feel like they matter and this could not be more true than in the workplace. Employees also need to understand how their role contributes to the wider business, giving their work a true sense of purpose. Personal targets should be put into the context of how they affect and aid the company; employees are reinvigorated and even inspired.

Providing opportunities to influence aspects of business strategy will also help employees feel that they fulfil a vital role. Rather than leaving decision-making to a favoured few, make sure that everyone can have some sort of say and, at least to some extent, be actively involved. If employees have had input in a project, they will want to see it through.

Not only do employees wish to have their voices heard in their company, they are also looking for recognition when they do speak up and make a valuable impact. This does not have to be in the form of hefty financial rewards but can be as simple as a literal pat on the back to show that their work is appreciated.  Valued workers will be more engaged, committed and much more likely to resist that lure of a job site in their 5-minute break.

Certainly, there will be some reasons employees will be looking around that you cannot control but these tips will at least help make sure that a lack of focus and disengagement is not one of them.




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Colette Wade

Colette Wade is Cornerstone OnDemand's Vice President of Marketing, having joined the company in 2011. She is responsible for overseeing all of Cornerstone's European Marketing operations.

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