Three exciting HR startups to hit the stage at Cornerstone Convergence EMEA

May 2, 2018 Geoffroy De Lestrange



It’s that time of year at Cornerstone EMEA HQ where we begin to shape our Convergence agenda – and this year we will be joined by three inspiring organisations fresh to the HR market.  We came across these innovators as a repeat sponsor of UNLEASH’s Startup Zone – where we have long celebrated fresh ideas and new thinking in the sector.


This year, RoboRecruiter, Vault and StatusApp are invited as special guests to Cornerstone’s yearly Convergence EMEA event in London – it’s at The O2 in London, on 13th and 14th November so get that date in your diary!


The three up-and-coming startups will be able to provide demos of their services and speak on stage. Here’s a bit about them:




UNLEASH Startup Competition winner RoboRecruiter is a company founded on the premise that the recruitment process can be significantly optimised for both the candidate and the recruiter. With the use of their chatbot technology, RoboRecruiter’s clients can engage with their existing candidates at scale, with a view to learning more about them, refreshing their profiles, and even shortlisting them for a role.  RoboRecruiter is multi-lingual and has several out-of-the-box chatbot conversations in each language, including PALS (Price/Position, Availability, Location, Skillset), JobVet, and GDPR reactivation. Having these templates allows their clients to launch conversations within a matter of hours. RoboRecruiter seamlessly fits into their clients’ workflows and gives the hiring professionals more time to have meaningful conversations with candidates.


Chris Collins, CEO of RoboRecruiter, said, “We met amazing organisations at UNLEASH and felt inspired by the innovation in the sector. Automation and the cry for efficiency and speed has driven disruption in recruitment where we find ourselves making positive strides in optimising the candidate and recruiter within organisations. We feel truly honoured to have won the Startup Competition and look forward to strengthening ties with Cornerstone. Convergence, here we come!”




UNLEASH Startup Competition finalist Vault is a counter-harassment platform, built for the workplace, and powered by Blockchain technology. Vault was created as a direct response to the recent public and media outcry against harassment, which proved that the current reporting systems are broken, and the entire approach must change. Vault is set to fix the recording and reporting problems which are currently prevalent in the workplace, and over time eliminate the harassment culture.


Neta Meidav, co-founder and CEO at Vault, said, “Vault is delighted to share the UNLEASH startup competition finals stage with other game-changing HR technology startups. Vault presents a unique and innovative employee platform to tackle workplace harassment, and our product is underpinned by blockchain technology. The #MeToo campaign has proved not only that workplace harassment is common but also that reporting systems are broken and lack employee trust. Vault brings back the trust to organisations and their HR reporting channels. Together, we are changing the work culture, for good.”  


And here’s Vault’s video which is definitely worth a watch:




StatusApp is an agile employee feedback and employee experience application which is easy to use for all size of organisations. It is used for daily feedback within project groups, teams, departments and of course across the whole company. Agility needs barrier-free working conditions and regular mutual feedback. With StatusApp you can get the easy to digest answers from your employees.


"We are delighted about being invited by Cornerstone to take part in Convergence. We look forward to working together with the Cornerstone team, validating every aspect of StatusApp,” said Anton Kovach, Founder of StatusApp.


The excitement coming from the UNLEASH Startup Stage was truly infectious and we just had to share that with you all at Convergence. A lot more news on the Convergence EMEA line-up will come over the next few months – keep your eyes peeled!


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