Why BNP Paribas opted for Content Anytime to implement a tailored and engaging digital training strategy

August 26, 2021 The Cornerstone Editors

The past years, have been years to remember for many reasons. As it swept around the globe, the public health crisis prompted many companies to redefine their growth targets. Employees, meanwhile, faced disruptive changes as they adapted their daily lives to the “new normal”. The first lock-down highlighted the digitalisation challenges facing many companies, pressuring them to accelerate their digital transformation processes. This provided an opportunity for companies to fundamentally rethink the way they work, as shown in the recent study by ServiceNow. It reveals that 87% of employees internationally have transitioned to new ways of working faster since the start of the crisis.

With 200,000 employees around the globe, the international banking group BNP Paribas  embarked on its digitalisation journey well before the pandemic struck. BNP Paribas has been collaborating with Cornerstone in particular for more than three years on a project to improve and digitalise HR processes. So when the Group needed to urgently roll out digital training content to its large workforce, Cornerstone was the obvious choice. The Group’s English subsidiary was the first to integrate and offer the Content Anytime platform, closely followed by subsidiaries in other European countries.

Content Anytime: The ideal solution to digitally transform training

The BNP Paribas Group was looking for a platform that was innovative, easy to implement and adaptable to the international and local challenges faced by the organisation. As skill-building requirements vary from one region to another, the company specifically needed a platform with rich and varied content that is frequently updated and delivered in multiple languages.

BNP Paribas’ decision to go with Content Anytime allowed it to accelerate the digital transformation of its training strategy – a particularly wise move to reach the tech-savvy next generation of talent that is up and coming across the Group. In addition, the use of plug ’n’ play technology makes the platform easy to implement and intuitive for its users, who can access the vast content offering via multiple channels. Ease of access is a particularly important feature for BNP Paribas as it is determined to offer content that aligns with the daily realities of its employees’ lives, current trends, and topical issues such as climate change, inclusion and diversity, and of course COVID-19.

In order to engage its employees and motivate them to make the most of the Content Anytime platform, BNP Paribas focused on one of its stand-out features: the ability to offer tailored and customisable playlists. The Group came up with the smart idea of communicating through different playlists focusing on major key topics such as leadership, soft skills or even the well-being of employees, directly via email signatures.

Mastering the user engagement challenge

The success of a new training strategy with digitalised processes and tools hinges above all on user engagement. With a keen eye towards its employees’ well-being, the BNP Paribas Group asked for feedback on the platform, on the substance of the content and on the formats used – a key success factor in capturing employees’ attention. The Group can thus asses Content Anytime usage rates by tracking the quality of online content. BNP Paribas therefore marked a first milestone by facilitating access to the training content from any location.

Another milestone for the Group was the decision by the Luxembourg subsidiary to implement the Content Anytime platform in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic last March. With the aim of implementing an all-digital training strategy, BNP Paribas Luxembourg came up with a dedicated online training programme dubbed ‘Learnify’ based on the functionality of the Content Anytime platform. Employees can easily navigate the platform by looking at different playlists with relevant content tailored especially to their needs and priorities. Seven months into the project, 40% of BNP Paribas Luxembourg employees had already started the online training programme. A success story to inspire the other subsidiaries ... 

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