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November 24, 2020 Mark Lamswood

In these past months, we have all seen how learning has become extremely important. When we speak about learning, we need to ensure we have content to put into that virtual library and we have seen throughout the year that those clients that have invested in content have been able to succeed.

Unique context

2020 is not what we were expecting, we’ve heard all of the buzzwords and phrases that contextualize these unprecedented times. This year has presented us all with the greatest test in our ability to mitigate change, adapt and thrive. Organisations have had a light shone on so many areas that were in their plans but not beholden to fully fledged strategies – think DX, Remote working, Well-being, DEI, and unconscious bias. Regardless of which country you reside in and the individual restrictions that you and your families have been living through, this year has been tough. And at the same time many people are now going through another period of more restrictive measures. There are signs that many are fatigued and feeling the pressure, as we move into the winter months.

But overall, we have seen resilience and agility in people that has been a beacon of hope during troubled times.

Adaptability Accelerator – new key phrase during this crisis

What we have clearly seen is that this change has identified huge gaps in skills and knowledge. Organisations that have been the big winners were those that have been able to embrace learning and brought to fruition an adaptability accelerator allowing them to respond quickly and thrive through positive and agile change. Using the delivery of great eLearning content as the catalyst, not necessarily for the changes their business needed to make, but in order to support their teams, with their remote working, health, wellness and personal development.

When we launched Cornerstone Cares our free to access eLearning courses, you all massively supported our efforts and many clients utilized the resources we made available either directly from the Cornerstone Cares website, or by having the free courses loaded into your own Cornerstone Portals for a limited period of time. We have become adaptable, supportive of what we all need to achieve, and learning has become a huge adaptability accelerator throughout this year.

The market is speaking

We spoke to our customers and three concerns came up constantly.

  1. They didn’t feel prepared to support their people with what they needed this year.
  2. They were finding it hard to scale core skill training to meet changing business demands.
  3. Some found that the pivot to digital during multiple lockdowns exposed a lack of breadth and depth in their learning offering.

Truth is – not everyone had the same experience. But what we did learn was that our content clients in Europe that used the right content, in the right way, and at the right time yielded the best results.

So, let’s look at what the data is telling us in the image below.

If we start with the graph, this shows us a significant increase in the amount of learning consumed by our content clients and a massive increase in one topic specifically, health and wellness. In Europe, and generally speaking, there was a a mammoth amount of eLearning consumed by our clients, an increase of 26 million minutes. That’s just huge! That’s the equivalent of over 433 thousand hours or more than 18 thousand days of learning, which is simply amazing. Perhaps expected and obvious but when you gather the data it really shows the size of this increase into a new light.

We also saw a shift in the type of courses people where consuming in Europe.  With health and wellness content, increasing the most, business related soft skills and leadership and management courses not far behind.

We followed a strategy with three core pillars: Data, Curation and Diversity. We  looked at what was required, and then produced three new bundles, delivering great, relevant content on topics like Remote Working and Diversity and Equity and Inclusion. In fact, one of the most popular courses we delivered this year on the topic of Unconscious Bias. 

As a learning and content provider we can produce our own in-house content quickly and effectively to match your people’s needs either though the production of our own content, or from our fabulous ecosystem of content partners. Some of them have been introduced in a blog post by my colleague Andrea Sennett earlier this year.

Future Proof

So, if you want to future proof your learning content strategy and engage your people by offering them modern learning content, let us help. Our library is filled with the courses our data tells us people want to take. At Cornerstone, we are constantly addressing different learner’s native styles through new formats and modalities – our new nano learning courses is currently trending in popularity. We all learn in different ways and by serving up a variety of learning content we can help you keep your people engaged. And so you can lead and drive organisational change through targeted content that helps you address new business challenges and frontiers as well as supporting your people with the business skills to operate in the new world of work.

We make it simple for you

We have always strived to make your experiences with learning content easy and simple. It is in everyone's best interest to have a successful learning platform and we know that having great eLearning content is an absolute must.

We have created a content buyer guide to help you on your journey and help you identify the key things to consider when buying content. The guide is a fabulous resource written by Cornerstones Content experts, many of them, like me, have been content buyers and Cornerstone Clients before, so we have experience of being on both sides of the client and supplier fence. It points out the considerations and questions you need to ask yourselves, to make sure you are making good, informed choices and decisions, in a simple way.

Start your content journey with us today in 4 simple steps:

Let us be your guidereach out to us today and work with our experts to understand your content needs and how they compare to others like you using our data insights.

Choose the best fit - we can help you select the right content solution for you and your people wherever you are in the world.

Act Fast - implement and start accessing content before the end of the year.

Partner for Success - leverage our unique aftercare team to help you drive adoption and engagement and let us help you make the most of your investment.

About the Author

Mark Lamswood

Mark is Regional Director Content Services at Cornerstone OnDemand, with extended experience in learning and development. Passionate about cloud based services and SaaS technology as well as helping organisations successfully implement technology and deliver their strategic vision.

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