Why digital upskilling is crucial to business transformation at Henkel

February 20, 2020 Gareth Spencer

A great way to get ideas and learn something new is from the experience of others – especially when you’re facing the same challenge.

During last year’s Cornerstone Convergence EMEA, we spoke to Lucas Kohlmann, Global Head of HR Strategy, Leadership, Talent Management and Diversity & Inclusion at Henkel about how Cornerstone aided the company’s global upskilling strategy and transformed the company culture into one that focused on digital learning.

Lucas talks about how Cornerstone brought Henkel’s vision to life, offering a one-stop-shop solution for Henkel’s learning needs, with the ability to adapt to individual employee’ needs.

In the first six months, more than 27,500 of the target 28,000 employees accessed the system, there were more than 11,200 performance discussions, more than 18,000 eLearning courses completed and over 3,100 course ratings.

Thanks to Cornerstone, Henkel is now in a position to invest in employee development that brings the most value to the company.

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Gareth is currently the UK Field Marketing Manager at Cornerstone, having moved from the Marketing Automation team, which he joined in 2016.  He has previously held positions with small and large businesses, and as a freelance marketing consultant working alongside companies across a variety of sectors including media and the arts. His energetic personality drives him achieve the best results in business as well as in sport.

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