Why HR needs an Instagram account

December 3, 2018 Geoffroy De Lestrange

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Recruiting through social networks has become increasingly popular in the last five years. In addition to professional networks such as LinkedIn, platforms such as Instagram can be just as important in finding the right candidate for a role.

Companies are ramping up their hiring efforts in order to get the most skilled candidates, and platforms like LinkedIn allow competing companies to easily get in contact with potential candidates (whether those candidates or job hunting or not), creating a war for talent.  

This modern way of attracting candidates is making traditional job ads less effective and making it a struggle for companies to attract skilled candidates efficiently. To ensure that companies are searching from the largest pool of talent available, all channels of communication must be considered. That means tapping into channels other than LinkedIn.

Instagram is considered one of the largest social network platforms available and has tremendous potential for recruiting. When you look at the numbers, Instagram has more than 700m users worldwide and the majority of users are aged 35 and under. In addition, more than 80 percent of users follow at least one corporation, so it can be the perfect place to seek out young, fresh talent.

As a company, having an Instagram account, even if it’s just for marketing purposes, can help to boost your employer brand, provided that you’re publishing the right content. Try following some of these tips to make your corporate Instagram account talent-friendly:

  1. Ensure a good mix of content. Publish a mix of videos and images that are visually appealing and use the Instagram story function – this will show that your company is engaged and creative.
  2. Where possible, ensure that your posts are of similar style and in corporate colours. This will ensure that viewers immediately recognise your company outside of the corporate world, strengthening your employer brand.
  3. Develop your own way of communicating and some ‘content pillars’. For example, “recruiting tip the day” or “employee quote of the day”. These can give corporate accounts a human touch.
  4. Communicate your corporate values. Whether it’s through image or text, discussing your corporate values across Instagram can help candidates decide whether they are the right fit for the company.
  5. Always respond to comments. The generation of today don’t like waiting around, so make sure you respond to queries quickly and appropriately.

Using social channels to recruit won’t suit all sectors and it might not be able to fill all open positions. Often, this type of recruiting works well for the creative and communications industries that are more active on social channels and have an audience that can resonate with the content. But there’s no harm in trying. You never know where or when the perfect candidate might come along.

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