Winning the race with your content strategy - London event

September 10, 2018 Christian Trounce



Content is key to a successful learning strategy, you need to provide interesting, engaging, and accessible content that employees can use to learn and develop, to make your Learning Management System (LMS) truly come alive.


At Cornerstone, we understand what amazing learning content really looks like today and how combining the LMS with great learner experience and learning content can create a culture of continuous development and collaboration.


To help bring this to life for our clients, we ran a highly collaborative and interactive event in July in London, where we had lively discussions around learning content, driving engagement and building an effective content strategy. 


With the help of our Content Partners SkillPill, Filtered and MicroLearn, we held a series of group discussions that encouraged our clients to ask questions and develop a framework for learning.



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Christian Trounce

Christian drives Cornerstone client engagement through marketing and client advocacy programmes, and promoting the success of our clients to the market.

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