Why IT and business alignment is essential for the successful deployment of AI

January 21, 2019 Xavier Petre

When it comes to innovative technologies that will make a huge difference in the future, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning spring to mind. The general expectation is that these technologies will lead to greater efficiency and higher profits for companies and eventually, they will be able to improve employee engagement, despite the current skepticism. 

However, companies still have doubts about what AI is capable of and can find it difficult to decide what tasks AI should be responsible for. This ultimately comes down to misalignment between the IT department and the rest of the organisation – IT does not know enough about the issues other departments might be facing, and other business functions may not have the technological knowledge to solve its problems. 

Recent research from IDC and Cornerstone OnDemand, which surveyed almost 2,000 HR, IT and line of business managers across organisations in Europe, discovered that British organisations are lagging behind the rest of Europe when it comes to alignment between IT, HR and business functions, with the IT and business alignment being particularly poor.

Every business department can benefit from AI in one way or another but for AI to be deployed successfully, all departments must cooperate. 

Sharing knowledge means better partnerships

Cooperation between IT and business employees benefits both parties. For business, strengthening ties with IT means that they can be kept up to date on what digital applications and knowledge is readily available for their department. Similarly, having constructive discussions with IT on a regular basis means that business entities will become more aware of how the IT department works and how it can be beneficial to the business.  

For IT, it can be useful to know what other departments require from a technical perspective, so that the right solutions can be developed or purchased. This prevents businesses from wasting time or purchasing IT applications that have little or no use to their day-to-day activities.

This also ensures that businesses are using their time more efficiently, and not wasting it by doing manual, time-consuming processes that can easily be automated. After all, the IT department may not be aware that this type of work exists in other departments, and other departments will not raise the concern with IT.

Endless possibilities

AI provides many opportunities for businesses, especially in HR. From assisting in the recruitment process by automatically screening CVs, answering common candidate queries and identifying which team a candidate might fit into, to supporting the learning and development teams through offering recommendations to employees on learning content. Technology can be the driving force in motivating and developing employees to develop the skills they require for their career paths.

And that is just the beginning, the possibilities are endless with technology and will continue to gain momentum as technology advances in the future. But it’s important not to forget the importance of humans during the process. Only then can AI and machine learning applications be successful.

About the Author

Xavier Petre

Xavier has a strong experience as a Business transformation and Sales. Originally Belgian, Xavier has worked in several Asian countries and in North America. His background in International Affairs has allowed him to explore cutting-edge technologies in aeronautics, in digital imaging, and in computer networks. Xavier is very active in the strategic vision, consultancy and software development processes in human resources for Cornerstone.

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