How technology facilitates leadership

February 18, 2019 Carlos Rivera

Leadership is a key element when it comes to managing and keeping your employees in-check. Good leadership can increase employee performance and productivity, helping them to achieve better results. It is also fundamental to enhancing employee welfare, ensuring that they feel comfortable and happy at work.

The challenge is, how can we become good leaders? And how can technology help?

Communicate your strategy

One of the most important aspects of becoming a good leader and building a strong relationship with employees is having consistent communication. Having total transparency also means that employees feel more comfortable raising questions or proposing new methods of work. Leaders must also establish an organisational chart of the company’s departments, offering a structure and strategy calendar that is focused on achieving the best outcomes for each department. Having a clear plan and strategy, where everyone knows what they’re doing, ensures a plain sailing project or workflow.

Let technology add business value

Thanks to technology, we’ve seen huge changes in the way that we work and organise our day-to-day activities. Platforms, such as our Performance Suite, allow companies to analyse the skills, working habits and individual objectives of their employees, as well as their soft skills and creativity. The platform can facilitate smarter decision making by automatically surfacing employees that best fit within the leadership criteria.

This automates a large part of the internal administration that occurs in most companies and allows leaders to instead find solutions that add value to their business strategy, and improve their own objectives and, overall, company results.

Technology will continue to innovate at a fast pace, and it’s important for businesses to keep up with the latest innovation, not only to sustain their services and products, but also to protect their employees. By implementing HCM technology into your company, you can reduce HR and managers’ admin, create more value for your people and the business, and ultimately improve employee engagement and progression.

About the Author

Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera is Regional Sales Manager for Cornerstone Spain. As an expert in technology applied to HR, he has been leading throughout his career projects of digital transformation through Talent processes.

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