How to win an Oscar for the best human resources department

February 22, 2019 Mariana Visintin

The world of cinema will come to a stop on Sunday, 25 February when the Oscars begin. Everyone will be watching to see which movies will win, which actors will be awarded, which movie has the best special effects or soundtracks, and more.

With this special occasion coming up, we could not help but think what would happen if we held an Oscars ceremony focused on human resources? Would your company win?

In this post, I give some of my key points on how HR teams can change their business to become Oscar-worthy and make sure A Star is Born.

  1. Rising star award: adopt a flat structure

HR departments have the responsibility of finding the best business organisation for workers and ensuring good performance of every department at a communications level.

One of the most efficient trends when it comes to optimising performance is to transform the traditional hierarchy into a flat, or horizontal, structure. This creates a more comfortable environment, giving employees the opportunity to participate more actively and have the confidence to propose ideas and innovations; it will help to optimise your talent. That is, managers and employees can exchange ideas and new methods of work, such as mentoring among workers to create a more united working group.

  1. Best casting director: know your employees thoroughly

Each employee has their specialty and shines in certain aspects, but they also have their weaknesses. Therefore, knowing them well is the most effective way to make their personal evolution into the evolution of your company too. Managers and HR teams must work together and share information on employees’ skills, weaknesses and progression plans among each other.

In doing this, you’ll get to know your employees’ aspirations and how to use them to the fullest advantage, while also having the opportunity to help train and improve employees’ skills. This work and training combination is a successful formula and knowing how to customise that learning based on the skills of employees will put your company in a better path for the future.

  1. Best special effects: integrate technology in the selection process

Technology means we can now not only watch the Oscars from home, but also Tweet about the winners and the outfits on our smartphones as it happens. Technology is such a central part of our lives, and with so many amazing technological developments around us, it’s hard to imagine that the most innovative tools are not integrated into companies’ day-to-day activities. HR teams should be using HR technology and its algorithms to streamline processes and make them fairer. Bringing automation technology, through software like that from Cornerstone, into the company is one of the most rewarding advances companies can have, in terms of how it can reduce administration processes. It helps release a large admin workload and allows those responsible to focus their efforts on other aspects such as optimising employees’ talent.

In addition, it can revolutionise companies’ hiring approach. By letting artificial intelligence aid hiring, recruiters can avoid falling into a bias trap, where you may tend to learn towards friends or old acquaintances to fill the opportunities available to candidates.

  1. Most original screenplay: planning prevents poor performance

There’s nothing worse than the music starting to play during an Oscars acceptance speech – the winners need to prepare and make sure they won’t overrun on the time allowed. In the same way, companies’ organisation and is essential to their proper functioning, and the need for good planning only increases as a company grows.

This becomes essential when we refer to the operation of the human resources department, since its main function is dealing with people, adding the value that makes the difference in all companies: their heart. Therefore, planning helps to avoid the numerous unexpected and uncontrollable surprises that may arise in the company. HR must work in a way that allows it to anticipate harmful events.

So, are you ready for your company to parade through the red carpet and be The Favourite? If you still need a little more time, think about how you can increase employee loyalty and your brand image by adapting to the digital age and to the needs of today.

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