Innovative ways to attract top talent

January 29, 2018 Carlos Rivera


Innovation is crucial for keeping HR efficient and is considered the key to attracting potential applicants, and a key way to be more innovative in your recruiting is to be proactive and consider the applicant’s experience during the hiring process.

It’s important that companies inspire candidates and build strong relationships through a series of marketing and brand strategies. By engaging in this type of recruitment, companies can easily attract top talent for their advertised role.

Here’s how you can succeed in an innovative approach to recruiting:

  • Attract people to your company through good marketing strategies and, in turn, word of mouth. The image that your company portrays and the image that your employees already have of your company will influence future candidates’ desire to work there. Having the ethos and values of your company spoken about outside of the organisation will encourage top talent to apply for your role and reflect your company in a positive light.
  • Convert people into candidates. Clear and quick application forms are essential when recruiting for a new role. Ensure you clarify what type of candidate you need and what skills and knowledge they should have. Mobile optimisation for job application forms is essential as they streamline the process by giving the candidate a way to apply for a job at any time – something easily achieved with recruitment software. It also allows for more applicants, as it opens the job up to a larger talent pool, ensuring that you don’t lose out on potential candidates.
  • Don’t forget to give feedback. When hiring and selecting applications, it is important to always offer feedback. Any attention a candidate may receive during the process will always be appreciated and may in turn, reflect positively on the company’s image when they discuss it with others – whether they were hired or not!
  • Finally, the most important part of inbound recruiting is inspiring candidates and making them fall in love with your company. Whether they have just been hired or have left the company, they will be the best ambassadors for your employer brand. If you have taken care of them throughout the selection process and have been upfront and honest about the role and your company, they will appreciate it and may even recommend your company to their contacts.

Innovative methodologies and proactive processes in recruiting are a great idea for HR to implement in order to attract top talent, maintain and improve employer brand, and stay ahead of the competition. For more help on your recruiting strategy, take a look at our Recruiting Suite.


About the Author

Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera is Regional Sales Manager for Cornerstone Spain. As an expert in technology applied to HR, he has been leading throughout his career projects of digital transformation through Talent processes.

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