Recruitment Hacking, Part 9: Preparing your recruitment process for a candidate led market

July 14, 2015 Peter Gold


This blog post is number 9 in the Recruitment Hacking series. You can see all of them under the Recruitment Hacking category and to get the entire series and more download the Cornerstone Recruitment Hacking Handbook

If you've been following this blog post series or have downloaded the Recruitment Hacking eBook you will have already saved some time and got rid of some (hopefully many) of your low value tasks. So now it's time to take a look at a few ways you can focus on optimising your recruitment process for a candidate led market.

First-things-first. You need to attract talent to your point of application. With such a wide array of talent channels and networks, both on and offline, spreading the message and netting the talent can be time consuming and wasteful if you are not getting the best use out of a decent ATS. But what about the candidate experience?

  • How does your career site fair in comparison to other similar organisations?
  • Does the branding reflect the kind of organisation you are, and the kind of applicant you want to attract?
  • Do you take advantage of your colleagues’ networks to make it easy for candidates to learn more?

Once you have them there how is the process?

  • Do your job titles make sense to the candidate?
  • Are your adverts cut and paste job descriptions from the dullest HR system on the planet?
  • Does your confirmation email suggest a reply in a week or so or maybe never?

Simple stuff but often overlooked and if you're hunting unicorns you cannot afford to ignore any of this. To find out more including the interview and onboarding process download the Recruitment Hacking eBook.

About the Author

Peter Gold

Peter Gold is a Talent Acquisition technology thought leader, blogger and speaker working with Cornerstone and our clients to help them utilise Cornerstone technology to attract, hire, retain and develop the best people. As a Principal Consultant for Cornerstone, Peter believes that companies can't build a great business without hiring great people and once in the organisation, great talent expect great technology that helps them achieve both personal and business success.

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